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Why host my email?

Now Small and Medium size businesses can compete with large enterprises by enabling their employees to communicate, collaborate and plan more efficiently.

TOP 10 Benefits of Hosting:

  1. Anytime/Anywhere, multi-user, real-time communications
    Centralized storage of information enables anywhere access to email, public folders, shared calendars and more. See an immediate increase in communications efficiency and team productivity.
  2. Immediate deployment and low cost
    With minimal investment be up and running in less than a day.
  3. Free up your IT resources
    While SMS hosts and maintains your e-mail system you can more efficiently utilize your IT and business resources.
  4. Company identity preserved via use of your own domain name
    One of today's required attributes of successful business - e-mail with your company name in it.
  5. Security and protection of your assets
    Guaranteed robust security measures, Anti-Virus delivers protection from unauthorized disclosure of information; Backup protects you from data loss. SPAM Filtering frees up your time.
  6. Outstanding quality of service delivers peace of mind
    Guaranteed Service Levels. Much more reliable and robust than Web mail or POP3 mail.
  7. No LAN is required to run exchange
    Get all your team members on the same page even if your office is not networked.
  8. Ease of management - no headaches, no hassles.
    No IT/LAN personnel are required to create or manage accounts. Administrative tasks, like adding new mailboxes, are simplified so even non-technical staff can handle them.
  9. Go anywhere with mobile email!
    Communicate instantly via e-mail from anywhere, anytime with Windows wireless handheld powered by Windows Mobile 5.0.
  10. Confidence in your service provider
    We watch your server 24x7x365, handle server maintenance, software upgrades and security updates. Take advantage of our expertise.
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